Things to take home from a Zen Camp
14 October 2016 | 2:20 pm

When we think about Zen Camps we often imagine an old wise guru teaching us the way to illumination and pouring wisdom and kindness into our brain, body and soul.

When it comes to Yoga Camps we often picture a weird group of people forming a big circle in an attempt to communicate with the Universe.

However, none of these perspectives are completely real.

The fashion of Zen Camps has actually risen from the real need to take a break, to go out of the city hectic life in order to reconnect with yourself, to find that tiny moment when you don’t rush towards anything, when you don’t have to be anywhere or impress nobody.

Regardless of how we call them, these breaks are a breath of fresh air inhaled through all our pores when we try to glance at the world with gentle compassionate eyes.

In all these retreats we look for an unconventional way of healing, for our inner balance, which is most of the time more spiritual than physical. It could be a quest for a deeper meaning in life or a form of meditation. Eventually it could also lead us to a solution to our overwhelming problems.

But who has the time to unplug and run away from the (home)office, from an over controlled working system, from all the duties in our professional and personal life?

Maybe the students, maybe the freelancers or maybe smart people at crossroads in life…whatever the target group, people who come to these camps have mutual interests, common stories and similar tastes. They are not afraid to open their heart and listen, to strip off their souls or bodies, nor to take the silence vow and follow a healthy discipline, peacefully.


They will surely find the time off for a few days away from everyday rounds, they will always look for inspiration in every encounter and they will always be aware of the food they eat and the air they breathe.

The reality proves that if we really manage to disconnect from our everyday life, to be present and mindful, to inspire strength and expire worries, the experience of Zen Camps can be truly rewarding and fulfilling. It gives us hope for what comes next in life, confidence to overcome the challenges and unconditional love practice.

What do you think about saluting the sun on the edge of its morning rise from the horizon?

What about soaking up the water from the full moon’s powerful energy?

And how about a purifying fire which burns all our toxic emotions and false relations, our fears and shames even if only on a short term basis?

There is definitely a strong connection with the Universe in these Zen retreats, a bond with Mother Nature, a feeling of solemn gratitude and some kind of communication with Divinity met only where water touches the moon and when fire purifies the air.

The challenge is to take home most from this experience, to appreciate what we have even in times of grief, to smile at strangers and hug the closer ones, to give more than to get, to find our inner strength in everyday life too.

It’s definitely worth trying…

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