2015 Edition of Forbes 500 Business Awards Gala
6 November 2015 | 2:55 pm

Over 250 businessmen, entrepreneurs and managers, but also top consultants participated at the 2015 edition of Forbes 500 Business Awards gala, which took place on 22nd of October, at Le Chateau, in a setting dedicated to excellence and elegance. We also had the pleasure and the honor to participate in this year’s edition of the Gala and experienced an amazing evening, surrounded by highly valued members of the business scene.

The Forbes 500 Business Awards Gala, which traditionally takes place in October, celebrates both entrepreneurial spirit and initiative, bringing together the most creative, daring and enterprising personalities and businesses in Romania.

On this occasion, special prizes were awarded to those whom have left their print in the business market throughout the year, and certificates of excellence for personalities that have marked, through their work, the Romanian business environment.

The Forbes 500 Business Awards Gala was conducted with the support of BMW Group Romania and Vodafone Romania and Le Midi, as Gold partners, Philip Morris Trading Romania, as a Silver partner, Asebuss, as academic partner and PPD Romania, Iris Flower Shop, Pepsi, Domeniile Sâmbureşti, Hot Spot Coffee, Tudor Tailor, Leonidas, Ermanno Scervino and Icelandia .

The artistic moments were provided by Răzvan and Andreea Stoica, Viviana German and Viorica Pintilie Band.

The special award for “Courage” was awarded to Mr. Ștefan Vuza, one of the few Romanian businessmen who continues to make large investments in development and one of those fighting to save Oltchim, seen as an integral part of the “Romanian Chemistry Society”.

The special award for “Innovation” was awarded to Mr. Andrei Pitiş, Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Vector Watch, the company that recently launched the smart watch Vector Watch, one of the coolest products of Romanian creativity.

Special award for performance has been granted to Mr. Neculai Mihai, one of the founders of Fan Courier, a company that dismantled the myth that in an economy dominated by multinationals, it is difficult to succeed as a Romanian entrepreneur.

Special award for dynamism was granted to Mr. Iulian Stanciu, one of the most active Romanian entrepreneurs in the recent years.

Special award for Social Entrepreneurship was awarded to Mr. Bogdan Georgescu, the creator of the corporate library Bookster.

Special award for Entrepreneurship was awarded to Mr. Dragoș Anastasiu, who decided to leave Germany and his career as a physician in the ’90s, to become an entrepreneur in Romania. Today, he leads a tourism company holding the highest turnover.

Special award for serial entrepreneur was awarded to Mr. Radu Georgescu, one of the most prolific Romanian entrepreneurs, whom has accustomed us to him not missing a year without making a transaction, either from an entrepreneurial perspective or that of an investor.

Forbes Romania awarded certificates of excellence to:

–  Mr. Mișu Negriţoiu, for the transformation of the Financial Surveillance Authority into an entity capable of piloting the development of supervised markets in a year and a half and for maintaining the balance between the interests of non-banking financial services providers and consumers;

Mrs. Ioana Filipescu, for her role in the development and professionalization of merger and acquisition markets in Romania;

Mr. Liviu Tudor, for his contribution to the development of the qualitative real estate market;

Mr. Mircea Tudor, for his success in the business that was based on his own invention, but also for his continuous concern to support young inventors;

Mr. Mihai Sofian, for his business activity and for his contribution in creating a professional business environment;

Mr. Gabriel Zbârcea, one of the business lawyers who has left the strongest mark on the local business environment;

Mr. Corneliu Bodea, for his contribution to the development of the energy sector in Romania;

Mr. Horia Manda, for the role he has played in the last two decades, overseeing investments of over 200 million.

Finally, Mr. Ion Țiriac was named “the most powerful Romanian businessman” and OMV Petrom SA was named “the most powerful company in Romania”, according to Forbes 500.


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