“Strike a pose!” workshop
27 November 2015 | 1:20 pm

This December, get ready to become better at expressing your messages through visual materials. The Digital Glamour team is very anxious to see you all on the 8th of December, for our next workshop.

Strike a pose! is a session dedicated to video content and photography. We have three amazing speakers, with great knowledge in photography and video production.

In a dynamic and constantly changing world, the visual component has become a vital means of communication for opinion leaders and influencers all around the globe. Visual communication is used nowadays to convey your ideas in various forms, such as typography, drawings, graphic design, illustrations, images and even video. The general idea is that a visual message has more power to impact the audiences. When you have text accompanying a video or a photograph that speaks for itself, it has a higher potential to reach your target, to inform and persuade them in a certain direction.

That is why we’ve decided to give a helping hand to our beloved bloggers in the community, with a workshop for those of you who use photographs and videos in their articles. Along with Razvan Manea, professional photographer, Remus Achim, video producer and Oana Radu, digital trend setter, we will enter the universe of visual communication and see what we could improve our current skills in the photo-video domain.

As we wrote some time ago, vlogging is a continuously growing trend, that advertisers seek to include in their campaigns more often than before. Vloggers are a means of communication for brands that are searching for new ways to reach their consumers. That is why it’s very important to know how to make quality vlogging. Creating the right concept for your projects and delivering an impeccable video material is not a very easy thing to do. No to worry, as we’ll have the chance to ask Remus any questions we might have had unanswered until now.

When it comes to photos, the decor you use, the composition of the photograph and even the light are primordial aspects to be taken into account. You don’t necessarily need to be a pro in order to have great photos on your blog. Razvan will teach us some tips and tricks of how to make an awesome photo, even when using your smartphone camera and simply adding an Instagram filter over it. He will also be talking about equipment and accessories that will help you achieve high quality photos, basic elements for post-processing them and more about how to build a concept around each picture you take.

Besides all this, it’s important to know how to integrate the photo and video materials in the digital space, also known as Web 2.0. Together with Oana, we will try to identify the trends we must follow in 2016 when it comes to digital images, so that we can build a strong online audience. In other words, we’ll be talking about concept, strategy and visual branding in the upcoming year.

Our speakers are open minded people, with a great experience in their artistic domains, a creative mind and several awesome achievements throughout their lifetime.

Let’s talk a little about each of them and what they’ve done until today.

Razvan Manea is a professional photographer, with more than 10 years of experience. He declares himself as one of the lucky ones, as he loves his work and he has the chance to do it every day. Razvan has a great eye for catching special moments on camera and his photographs always include a little bit of soul in them. He knows how to make the person in front of the camera feel confident and beautiful, no matter the level of shyness they might have had before meeting him. The results are always out-of-the-box and all his clients have been more than delighted to work with him on the long term. With projects in food photography for European restaurants or lively session for various products, he is certainly the right person to talk about concepts or how to make a photograph become viral. You can see most of his projects in his portfolio on Weebly.

Razvan Manea

As for Remus Achim, he is a 33 year old video producer, with 14 years of experience in this domain. Twelve years of his life were dedicated to working at Pro TV: 7 years as a reporter for the news and 5 years as a video producer for Romania Te Iubesc and the Pro TV news. Moreover, Remus has produced video materials for The One magazine for almost 8 years and throughout time, he directed several commercials and videos. He also worked for various advertising agencies, clients from Romania or abroad and also FIBA (International Basketball Federation), creating video content at its best. All his successful projects are based on the knowledge he gained while studying film-making in New York, at NYFA (New York Film Academy). This year, he produced a short movie, which will premiere in mid-December this year. Currently, he is involved in preparing a documentary and another short movie, while also working on the launch of a video platform.

Remus Achim

Named a digital trend setter by Forbes Magazine (you can read the article about it here), Oana Radu is a photographer and a researcher. She participated as a special guest photographer for the Carlo Bilotti Museum in Rome, Italy, in the project of documenting and promoting the masterpieces of the painters Mafai and Kornellis, called “The Freedom of the Artist”. This documentary was a tribute for two Italian painters: Mario Mafai and Jannis Kounellis. Moreover, Oana was a partner photographer for The Embassy of France in the “100% RO” project. She had multiple collaborations with print  and online magazines such as Tabu, Visuell.ro and took part in ELLE Style Awards, as a partner photographer. She also managed special projects with the top “cool hunting” agency in Romania, ANTZ, involving social media marketing, creative platforms, and communities, all linked through the power of image.

Oana Radu pentru Workshop 8 Dec[1]

The three speakers of our “Strike a pose!” workshop are eager to share their knowledge with you on the 8th of December, starting with 6 PM, at the ETAGE showroom, on Nerva Traian Street, no. 5.

See the details on how to get your invitation, here! Hurry up and register for the workshop, seats are limited and we’ll be having a lot of fun learning new tricks about photo and video content.

Remember you need to be a member of Digital Glamour in order to participate in our workshops. If you are a blogger/ vlogger and you don’t have a member account yet, simply join our community, here.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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