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9 November 2015 | 4:04 pm

This Friday we’re ready to kick-start our session with Naked PR! The workshop we’ve prepared together with Adelina Borțan and Raluca Cristea will most certainly be very important for you, as it teaches us a little about PR for personal branding.


Nowadays, in a digital era where information can be easily accessed through a simple click, it’s crucial to know how to present yourself to your readers. In our everyday jobs, as PR, marketing, communication professionals or in any other line of work, we’re heavily focused on branding our clients and maintaining a good image for them. What about us? When it comes to our own brands, most of us barely know how to turn the spotlights towards themselves. How do we best position ourselves in such an increasingly competitive digital world?

No matter what you do, where you are in your career or where you’d like to be, you must keep in mind an important aspect: the successful professionals of today have already embraced the idea of marketing themselves. Step up your game and get ahead of those who don’t make use of the powerful tools PR can offer you. With the rise social media has gained in the past years, you can easily build your brand and leverage it in order to achieve success.

The workshop PR for Personal Branding is precisely about this! About the necessary steps towards becoming the CEO of the most important company there is: YOU & comp! Successful stories are for those who know that their job is to run this company, while also being the visionary that works behind it, on the communication strategy. The times when brands were selling illusions that we’re important have long passed. All that matters now is the brands that belong to us, the ones we build, the ones that harvest our vision and our convictions.

It all starts here, with the most powerful brand in your life: yourself!

Let’s learn more about how to do remarkable and quantifiable PR for personal branding!  The workshop will be taking place at the Etage showroom, on Nerva Traian Boulevard, no. 5, Bucharest. With a unique, surprising and versatile concept, the Etage showroom integrates the idea of high class luxury and lifestyle, through its amazing atmosphere and design. In this niche creation, developed by talented architects and designers, hosting the most renowned brands in the interior decoration and ambient design domains, we’ll be having a great time discovering new insights on how to build amazing PR for a powerful personal brand.

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Copyright photos: Etage & Iulia Teodorescu

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