Oana Zidaru, the OZ fashionista
18 April 2016 | 9:43 am

In the magical land of Romanian blogs, we meet the fashionista OZ, Oana Zidaru.
Oana opened her blog 5 years ago, not knowing which way it will go, and how far it would go.
Today we talk about what these five years have meant in the world of bloggers in Romania that landed also on other realms, such as Paris Fashion Week.




 DG: How did you start and what motivated you to do Blogging?

Oana: It all started in 2011, when we launched the Community of Fashuonistas in collaboration with Diva Hair.ro. This was the first platform where girls passionate about fashion could post street style photos with their outfits. Originally, I launched the blog to support this project, but nothing was accidental. I was really passionate about fashion and modeling since the age of 5-6 years, when I used to do “fashion parades” through the living room. I never had conformation of a model, so there was no question of a career in the field, so the blog was a way to fulfill my childhood dream.


DG: What did it mean to you the road to where you are now, that you started on 5 years ago in the blogosphere?

Oana: It was a road that I traveled having in parallel a full-time job, which involved a lot of work and very little free time.
The Oanazidaru.ro blog was at first just a hobby and then it turned into a part-time job and brought me more satisfaction than any normal job. Gradually, it helped me fulfill my dreams, rediscover myself, reveal passions that I did not even know that I have and, ultimately, helped me to constantly reinvent myself.


DG: What do you think about your Youtube community? In what way is the video content more impactful than photography/ text? How important do you think the video content is for the fashion and beauty brands?

Oana: Blogging is an activity that I started more recently. I have had my channel for more than a year, but I started to seriously take care of it and constantly post content about 5 months ago. The feed-back received on YouTube is great, so I don’t exaggerate when I say that currently this is my favorite platform. Users are much more willing to exchange impressions on YouTube, leave comments, subscribe, like. It is the platform towards which I started to focus my attention more and more and I am not the only one. I always liked to film,there was even a time when I wanted to work in television, so all the work for my YouTube channel is a way to “check” on my list another dream come true.

Through this platform you manage to convey much more than you could through a text or some photos. The videos inspire much more credibility, which can only be of benefit to the brands you want to promote. One thing is to tell how good a foundation is or how well tailored a dress is, and another thing is to present these products in front of the camera. Last but not least, the video content highlights even better vloggers’ personality. I feel the need to make a comparison – it’s like the characters of a favorite book would come to life and would generate video content. Wouldn’t you be tempted to follow them ?! 


DG: If you would have to do it all again, what would you do differently, regarding the format, style…themes?

Oana: If I could turn back time, I would definitely take it more seriously from the first moment and would be more organized, I would establish clear objectives. Unfortunately, I started blogging when this “trend” was barely taking shape in Romania, and bloggers were not given as much credit as now. I didn’t even dream that I could support myself from it. Therefore, I didn’t realize from the beginning the potential of the blog and for a lot of time I went on a “go with the flow” principle without having to have a specific goal. In 2016 I decided to change all that, be involved much more in this activity and to “lift” the blog until I know it has reached the place where it belongs.



DG: Which is the “recipe for success” in blogging/vlogging, in your opinion? 

Oana: I have a motto that always helps me to see the full side of the glass: “We are the architects of our own happiness.” Dreaming up where we allow ourselves to do so”, therefore the “recipe for success” I think is valid in any area: dream, but do not limit yourself to that. Try to do everything possible to turn all those ideas into reality.


DG: What plans do you have for 2016 and what is different from last years?

Oana: 2016 is the year that I decided to dedicate more time to the blog so that I can fulfill other dreams on the “to do list”. I am working on several projects at the moment and the first one has already taken shape: two bags which we launched in collaboration with Iguelle.ro, but this is just the beginning.
2016 is also the year when fashion gets to be in second place on my blog and that’s because I feel more attracted to the beauty area. Since 2015 I started to take make-up courses, it’s a new field in which I can find myself and I feel best represents me now. Therefore, it would be impossible not to let this see through the content I am presenting on my blog. Last but not least, one objective is to develop as much as I can my YouTube channel.


DG: What international bloggers/vloggers are you following?

Oana: From the fashion area I am constantly following Chiara Ferragni and Kristina Bazan. I think there isn’t any blogger that is not following Chiara. In the end, she is the one that revolutionized this industry, and Kristina is what inspires me more in every respect.
From the beauty zone I am following several make-up artists. My favorite vloggers are Miss Vlogerii Fame and Jeffree Star. Nothing compares with a drag queen makeup does, it is extremely complex, so I have a lot to learn from their videos. Among those that I am following are Wayne Goss & Nikkie Tutorials.


DG: What advice would you give to a vlogger/blogger that is barely starting in this field?

Oana: Be persistent, believe in the blog and what it can do. To establish their goals and do everything possible to achieve them, even if it means more work. Too few really good things are achieved easily.


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