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27 October 2015 | 12:00 pm is the IT place for cool moms. It all started with a compliment from Claudia’s hairstylist. Telling her she doesn’t look like a mom at all, despite the fact she is the mother of two wonderful children, Cristian, age 5 and a half, and Anastasia, only 1 year and 8 months old, made her feel proud of being a parent. And that’s how WoW MoM was born.

Sharing real emotions, moments and cool activities from the complex life of a mom, the voice of this blog is sincere and straightforward.

Presenting Claudia Știrbei, an amazing mother of 2 really cute kids, owner of and the love of her husband. WoW MoM is a lifestyle mom blog and must be treated like one. Trying to balance between the roles of a mother and that of a woman, she claims it’s extremely important for each mom to find her own formula, based on the idea that a good mother always thinks twice: once about herself and once about her children.

Digital Glamour: Let’s go back when it all started. How and when did you decide a blog like WoW MoM?

Claudia Stirbei: Well, looking at my blog now, it looks like I started it long time ago (so much has happened in between :P), but  the idea actually came up last year about this time of the month. I was taking a class of business PR with Mirela Bucovicean, a very cool entrepreneur, the owner of Molecule F and I had this feeling that I can do much more than “just” my busy family life and my business Mama Boutique. In February, the WoW MoM project was already set up on paper and in April I had my first online post on the blog. It was absolutely crazy! From the first day, I had  over 1000 visitors, which I knew was fabulous news. This comes from the advantage of having the online store like Mama Boutique for a while now and somehow, I already had a community developed around it.

DG: How does it feel to be a full-time mom and not forget how to be a woman in the meantime?

CS:  I see it like a full time job and this is part of my daily routine and job description :). It comes naturally, as I have this goal of keeping a balance between being a mom and being a woman and a life to my lovely husband at the same time. I wish my children have a beautiful image about their mom, like a perfect mix between a rational friend and a beautiful woman.

DG: You’ve started a collaboration with Digi24 for a special cooking rubric, where you cook alongside your two kids, various recipes, both yummy and fast. How did it go?

CS: We are now at our third episode and it’s quite fun filming with my kids. The producer is very excited and the audience is awesome. It appears that moms enjoy seeing me “tortured” :).

DG: How do you spend quality time with your children? What do you do together?

CS:  I love spending time with them. Now that Anastasia has grown a little bit, it’s more easier to go to different places with them. We are going to the pool once in a while, we are cooking together, painting, we love playing on the floor, Cristian (and now I) loves the flying fox, bicycling, escalade and much more. Like everything we feel like :).

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Motherly love

Motherly love

Little Anastasia enjoying the flowers

Little Anastasia enjoying the flowers


DG: What are the DO’s and the DON’T’s when you wish to keep an impeccable, stylish appearance as a mom?

CS: Do’s  – Always have a moment, every day of the week, just for yourself. Doing something for myself, like my hairstyle, a face mask, running, shopping (even it’s online), a coffee with a friend or a massage (well not every single day, but still) makes me feel good. I think that finding my balance makes me happy and enables me to focus on my family needs for the rest of the day.

Don’t’s –  Don’t ever wish to appear as something you’re not, because it shows. I’m afraid of 2 things in this world: God and awkwardness.

DG: What would you advise a mother, a week after giving birth?

CS: A dinner alone with her husband.

DG: What are your future plans with WoW MoM?

CS: Well, honestly I have a plan with WoW MoM for the next 10 years. It’s a project with long reaching movement. But you’ll just have to read me and see :P.

DG: It was a pleasure to have this interview with you and thank you for the great insights! We’re sure this article will inspire moms across our community and empower them as women as well as mothers. Good luck with all the amazing plans you have set for the future!

CS: Thank you, Digital Glamour! It was a lot of fun answering your questions, I really enjoyed this interview. Have a lovely day!

Photo source: WoW MoM 

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