Why work with us?

Bloggers, vloggers, journalists and social media icons have a huge influence on their followers and create a massive impact within the online community, of which brands should be taking advantage of to reach their ideal demographic on a large scale.The DG enables you to manage and organize all of your online content creators outreach campaigns in one place, with notifications and an online community to promote any opportunities, competitions and jobs you have available.

There’s over 200 bloggers and journalists actively using our platform, made up of adored bloggers and key social media influencers amongst the many rising stars of the future blogging community as a whole.

The member’s community has mostly a female audience, the 25-40 year old segment being the most engaged. Equally distributed between urban and rural and medium-high educated. Over 60% of the member’s audience are married or have children. Their decision making is rather balanced and likely to be emotional.

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Brands, e-mail us: brands[at]thedigitalglamour.com

Bloggers, e-mail us: hello[at]thedigitalglamour.com

Or call us at: +4 0737 296 046 or visit us at our office address: 23-25 Negustori Street, 1’st floor, district 2, postal code 23952, Bucharest, Romania.